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The Door County Board of REALTORS® is proud to help support the real estate careers of our valued members through networking, education, advocacy, and community involvement.

New Member

RE Broker, Appraiser, Managing Broker or Sales Agent

Membership as your primary association of REALTORS® for Wisconsin – this includes paying dues to National, state, and our local association on an annual basis billed out per calendar year. 

MLS-Only Access

The Designated Managing Broker/Appraiser shall join as a participant of the MLS. The Designated Managing Broker/Appraiser and licensee must belong to a REALTOR® Association. If you are a licensed real estate agent(s) your firm must first join the DCBR MLS as a participant.

Secondary Member and MLS

Secondary members are REALTORS®/Appraisers who pay their state and national dues through another Association which would be considered their primary Association.


Affiliates are professionals who provide products and services relevant to the real estate industry. Your membership opens the doors to valuable professional relationships and leadership opportunities, fosters community involvement, rewards professionalism and provides resources to bolster your business.

Some of the categories that Affiliate members represent are Architects, Attorneys, Educational Instructors, Financial Services, Home Inspection, Lenders, Movers, and Title Companies.

New Company

MLS-Only Company

The Designated Managing Broker/Appraiser must belong to a REALTOR® Association. The Designated Managing Broker/Appraiser must first join as a participant of the MLS before any licensed real estate agents within the firm can join.

Support Staff

Secretary and Unlicensed Assistants

Unlicensed individuals who add and/or change listings for all agents in their office or unlicensed personal assistants who perform duties for a licensed agent.

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